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window cleaning serviceLooking for professional window cleaning service? Cartier Maintenance is the best company for commercial and residential window cleaning in Montreal and surrounding cities.

Have you ever thought of how the new luxury homes and commercial structures in Montreal are been cleaned and maintained? Is it not marvelous how the windows of these buildings are kept tidy and made aesthetically pleasing? Of course, commercial and residential buildings cannot clean themselves. Some people or group of people has committed their expertise toward the cleaning of windows and enhancing the overall appearance of a building.

Over the recent years, a lot of home and company owners have turned to residential and commercial cleaning services to help them enhance their building’s look and appearance. Even though some make use of self-cleaning materials, they still call on professional cleaners at some point when a better, comprehensive and in-depth window cleaning is needed.


Why choose professional services?

Yes, it is very easy to practice a DIY cleaning of windows and other home items. However, hiring a cleaning service provides you with an extra level of reliability. More so, professional cleaners have the right skills and tools to make your property appear new. They have been trained specially to handle all window types, including glasses, metals, and woods.


6 Advantages of professional window cleaning

1. Window cleaning protects your windows. Dirt and debris on windows can cause a lot of damage. Dirt and dust can actually burn in the glass and cause scratches and imperfections. That’s why you want to hire a professional window cleaning company like Cartier Maintenance. We use professional tools, equipment and ecological cleaners to clean the windows. It is important to use a professional and regular window cleaning, especially if you have large windows.

2. Window washing improves the appearance of your home. Clean windows enhance the mood of your home and can really enhance your mood. You can enjoy the beautiful views and let the sun illuminate your home. Why look at them through rusty or dirty windows?

3. Hiring a professional window cleaner is safer than washing the windows yourself. Using a ladder can be dangerous and many store-bought cleaners contain chemicals that are not the best for breathing. Cartier Maintenance is fully insured and our technicians are trained to do a perfect glass cleaning job so you do not have to worry about your own health and safety.

4. Professional window cleaning is more effective than doing it yourself – as professionals, we leave no trace and no mess.

5. Having professionally cleaned windows gives you the time to do the things you like to do rather than spend a whole weekend just washing the windows. We do not cut corners and clean not only windows, but we clean the workplaces after ourselves.

6. The professional glass cleaning done by Cartier Maintenance is affordable. We have several great packages for monthly and weekly cleaning as well as some of the best prices in the area for flawless window cleaning.


Commercial window cleaning

commercial window cleaningAppearance says a lot about your company or commercial establishment. The first impression, as frequently said, lasts longer. The impression of people based on the outlook of your company determines to a large extent what the customers will think of your product or service. Hence, consider the look of your company as a major packaging factor of your company. The exterior part of your company is what your potential customers will first set their eyes on. Therefore, it is wise to use a professional commercial cleaning service to get your commercial window cleaning done and optimize the entire appearance of your company.


In-house or outsourced?

Some business owners have an in-house staff that looks are in charge of every cleaning activity of the company. While this might be a better option as regards availability and proximity, the professionalism and expertise of an established cleaning service cannot be over-emphasized. In-house cleaners can handle menial cleaning tasks but as a company owner, you still need, at some point in time, to outsource for professional window cleaning specialists. This is because they are especially skilled in handling window’s cleaning job with the use of special cleaning tools and gadgets.


Residential window cleaning

residential window cleaningIf you need a simple solution to help you improve the exterior appearance of your home, a residential cleaning service is all you need. A professional residential window cleaning service will give your window the kind of sparkle you need. And you know what, once your windows are clean, the entire building looks gorgeous. What’s more, cleaning service is useful if you are living in a house with tall walls that you cannot reach some of the window sections. It is better in this context to consult a professional for the work. Their experience, coupled with their instrument will help them clean every part of your window effectively.



One of the basic reasons why you need to hire professionals is to avoid any form of mishap. Amateurs and ill-skilled workers can cause more damage than good to your precious properties. More so, the damages caused by these amateurs can be severe, dragging you into a pit of debt. However, professional cleaning companies usually have warranties and insurance policies which can take off debts off your shoulder in case of damages.

If you are looking for an efficient and reliable window cleaning service in Montreal, call on Cartier Maintenance Inc. today. We are just a click away!


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