Presentation of the company

We will give you the best cleaning experience at the best price. Cartier Maintenance Inc. is a family business cleaning which includes, residential, industrial, institutional and commercial institutions.

Our rich experience in the field of cleaning services, gives us today, a certain peace of mind, to allow us to respond to all our customers needs. Due to our quality of service, we are able to answer all our customers requests, and our ability to react to our customers demands. Combined with our efficient and, cost-effective methods of ecological cleaning ,this makes our enterprise the number one choice for Housekeeping Services.

During the length of the Contract, we have opted for the LEAN approach, which guarantees a rapid and efficient method of working.

Thanks to the reduction of costs, we reduce our losses, without affecting our quality.

                                We can help our customers maintain their operating costs by offering a competitive rate for our services.

Our Services

Our Quality Charter

Cartier Maintenance Inc. will:

  • Make every effort to ensure your company is spotlessly clean.
  • Meet your requirements and provide you with professional service and quality you expect.
  • Offer the best price on the market, perfectly adapted to your requirements and your budget.

Thanks to our handling of any customer complaints, we are committed to resolving any incidents within 24 hours. You can contact us by email or phone at any time, 24/7.

An action plan and a rigorous monitoring program is in place to prevent the recurrence of the incident, including the display of memos and update staff training.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee:

  • Quality work.
  • A courteous Service
  • Insurance and professional liability
  • CSST insurance for employees

Our goal is your peace of mind and satisfaction.

Trial period without contract

We offer a 3 month trial period of our cleaning services, without a contract and without legal constraint.


Environmental protection is a priority for Cartier Maintenance Inc.

For this, we use environmentally friendly products, without odor and VOC’s, answering to the most strictest standards, while respecting the environment, and help make your community a clean and healthy place.

By using green cleaning products, you will avoid health problems for your employees. We take every steps possible to provide the best cleaning services Montreal & surroundings.


Our team

Our main advantage is the stability and quality of our staff.
We conduct a thorough criminal background check on all employees before hiring.

All employees adhere to the values of our cleaning company, namely the satisfaction of our customers. They are trained on the latest techniques and working methods, in order to offer quality work and a safe environment.
With a strict policy of recruitment and training, we have a low turnover of staff.

Cartier Maintenance Inc. complies with the laws and regulations in this case:

  • Labour Code and Committee on Labour Standards
  • Labour Board / CSST accidents.
  • Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms
  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Do not hesitate to contact us for a free estimate if you are looking for the best cleaning services Montreal & surroundings. Our representative will assess your needs, to offer you a cleanup plan for your needs and a competitive price that respects your budget.


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